Websites and SPA apps

Websites and SPA apps

Web-based applications to deal with the business challenges

Web as a part of ecosystem

We develop complex multi-level systems for different tasks. In our projects, individual web development products are interconnected and are a part of an ecosystem. For example, it could be a delivery service with a product catalog from your suppliers, a logistics and order management system, a remote control solution for swimming pools, as well as a solution for loans, banking or taxes, etc.

The backend developers use Django, a high-level Python-based web framework.

Today, it is one of the most advanced programming languages used by companies such as Yandex and Google. Python is in high demand by beginners and expert developers alike because it is an easy to use, powerful, and versatile programming language. Also, you don’t need to buy a license for Python. It has program interfaces (APIs) for accessing databases (for example, bank merchants, Yandex Market, etc.).

Artificial intelligence

to boost your profit and stay ahead of the competition


SPA (Single Page Application) is a web application that is hosted on a single web page. Such web applications work perfectly on all devices and do not require a specific operating system

Complex applications usually have large data sets with thousands of script files. So, to make an app responsive and fast, files should be downloaded separately on demand. This is a great way to speed up download times for any amount of data.

The best example of such an application is the Gmail service by Google. Another great example is the article management system on Wikipedia. Wikipedia writers can edit articles on Wikipedia without actually downloading the software to create and edit the content.

Artificial intelligence

to boost your profit and stay ahead of the competition

Administration systems

Project administration is not only editing and adding new content. It includes a wide set of actions to maintain working capability, such as optimizing data storage, updating components and collecting statistics for further analysis of the numbers.
Up-to-date administration systems allow you to customize a level of access for employees, use notifications to respond to any user actions, collect statistics from multiple sources and generate reports effortlessly.

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