Server development, API

Server development, API

What is an API and what is it for?

An API is an interface that stands between a business logic server and an external resource such as a website or a mobile application

  • APIs are used for either the exchange of data between two or more software products, or as mentioned
  • to gain access to an internal (third-party) corporate information system
  • for the communication between a business logic server and a mobile or web application

Server Application Development

We develop safe and thoughtful server solutions for any tasks. With many years of our professional experience and a team of skilled professionals, you are guaranteed high-quality results. We will make the server app design, choose the right programming language for your projects and roll things out to the start of operational service.


The application development process is made up of two parts: frontend and backend

  • Frontend receives requests from users and is responsible for the visual presentation of your service. This is what your users see on the screens of their mobile devices
  • The backend processes all received requests, calculates, runs and monitors fulfillment of logical tasks and saves data into the database. In other words, the backend is the intelligence responsible for processing users` requests and application work speed. Therefore, it is crucial to think out the application architecture to the smallest details to make high-load services run fast and without interruption

Why choose us for server and API development?


We are professionals in what we do:

Sometimes your in-house developers may lack the skills and experience for server development, so we make your work easier by bringing in expertise and experience to skillfully handle your project


We reduce API test time

API testing and fixing numerous bugs leads to a significant delay in the development process


We provide detailed documentation

When all the required documents are at hand, the development and maintenance of projects will run smoother


We offer flexible options for revisions

No need to involve in-house developers for fixing errors and working on planned or one-time improvements. Your internal development team can focus on key tasks and minor issues without any distractions


It is vital to properly integrate the functionality of your application with third-party services such as:

  • Company Information Systems
  • SMS gateways
  • Map services
  • Payment gateways (Sberbank, CloudPayments, Stripe, and others)


We advocate safety in our work and pay great attention to providing data security for our customers

Apart from vulnerabilities testing, we develop the project architecture from scratch and tailor it to fit the specifics of your business.

We apply advanced Q&A technologies to ensure the stability of each release and product component, whether it is a new application version or an API version. With up-to-date reliable software on our servers and backup systems, we can reactivate it in a critical situation and save you from losing critical customer information.

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