Publishing is not the end. We provide further development and support

Any IT product requires regular maintenance. Mobile applications are not an exception — the variety of devices, screens, OS versions and the frequency of their updates can lead to many unexpected failures.

As part of our support service, we monitor all sevice’s performance to eliminate any problems and runtime errors to ensure a stable operation. This includes changing text data and graphical elements.

Applications development

Make suggestions to mention a course of action
Create a product road map
Agile software development

Applications maintenance

We support applications according to the SLA (Service Layer Agreement) and provide Level 2 and Level 3 support. We conduct all supported projects through JIRA Service Desk

Support and consulting schedule 5 days a week and 9 business hours per day

Response speed for support request is 10 minutes and includes:

Operating procedure

  • Receiving applications for further development and fixing bugs through our project management system
  • Informing customers on any errors detected and their analysis
  • Different levels of bug fixing (critical, important, medium, minor)
  • Minimum package is 30 hours per month
  • Service period of at least 6 months

Projects under support and maintenance

Request for Application Support