The @YourService landing page

The @YourService landing page

Client: Jbit S.a.r.l.

A startup

is a project which model is not set in stone. It changes and entails modifications in presentation to partners and customers. You have to reflect and test new hypotheses quickly.

New landing page
for @YourService


The product revision required @YourService to develop a new landing page. The company has reflected changes in business goals and positioning without editing the service's main website, which is waiting in the wings.

The Spider Group was tasked with implementing two main functions:

Lead generation with contact data collection

Telling customers about the revised product


Thanks to the speed of work and the restrained and accentuated use of animation, we perked up the website. It has no traceable structure to the guests, but they go through everything in one breath, absorbing the information in a precise scenario.

After reviewing the project, the sales funnel invites guests to write down an email to contact them later when @YourService is fully operational.


Behind the mail collection block is information about @YS founders and advisors. It builds trust while solving the problem of primary work with investment and technology partners.




  • Python
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


  • Project manager — 1
  • Frontend developers — 2
  • Backend developer — 1
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