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In the course of work, colleagues turn to the best world experience, hear their partners and create a technological foundation for business development for several years in advance.
Technical Director of Limpid Pools LLC Alexander Droga
We thank the Spider Group team for the profitable cooperation in the creation and development of our application. In our area, there is a lot of manual work related to the processing of declarations and customer support. The Spider Group team members help to optimize and automate processes, convey the value of our product to the client using the application. This is very important for us.
At the same time, I would like to note the role of the project manager Anastasia Zhukova, who proved to be a competent specialist and organized an effective work process.
IT Director
Tkachev A. A.
The Spider Group company quickly implemented a convenient service for customers — fitting furniture at home using AR technology, which had a positive effect on sales and customer loyalty.
Thank you for the productive cooperation and well-coordinated work!
Stolplit company
The Krasnodar City Administration and the City Council of Krasnodar are grateful to Spider Group LLC for its active contribution in preparation and holding of an international economic forum in Sochi.
Mr. V. Evlanov, The head of Krasnodar municipality
Mr. N. Kotlyarov, Chairman of the Krasnodar City Council
We appreciate Spider Group for professional excellence in a mobile application with augmented reality development and for creating video presentations for Agritechnica Hannover Exhibition in Germany.
Marketing Department Head of KZ Rostselmash LLC
P. Darmov
The Krasnodar City Administration and the Krasnodar City Council give thanks to Spider Group LLC for professionalism and innovative approach in their work.
Mr. V. Evlanov, The head of Krasnodar municipality
Mr. V. Galushko, Chairman of the Krasnodar City Council
We send our thanks to Spider Group for scientific progress implementation in Kayros company.
General Director of Kayros LLC
O. Chernishkova
We thank Spider Group for productive cooperation in sports industry development in Russia, for their professional approach and finding creative solutions to meet any challenge.
Top Liga, sporting-goods stores chain director A. Pshenichniy
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