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AR/VR - Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR/VR - Augmented and Virtual Reality

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What is an AR for?

To expand and complement the real world

Augmented Reality (AR) integrates virtual objects with the objects of the natural world in real time. A typical example is using your smartphone’s camera to see the world around you through computer-generated images (buildings, signs and other objects).


When you need to show non-existent objects in a real situation.

It is a great technology if you want to see what a new dress will look like without putting it on, to see how the piece of new furniture matches the interior of the room, how a swimming pool would fit in your backyard.


When you want to show how a hidden mechanism operates.

The operation of a complex mechanism becomes obvious if you apply this technology. You could scan an object and the augmented reality tech would be able to show you the inner mechanisms of said object.


When you need to navigate in surroundings.

To find a skier on a mountain slope in real-time, showing you a pathway on a map, or playing games such as Pokemon go.

Artificial intelligence

to boost your profit and stay ahead of the competition

What is a VR for?

To place someone in a diverse environment

Virtual reality creates a new artificial world and completely immerses a person into it. In this 3D world, a person uses sight, hearing, touch and can interact with virtual objects.

What are some of the areas where a VR can be applied:


Training simulators and staff training systems


Games and virtual trips


Virtual meetings, tours, and hotel presentations


Virtual interior design with a “being there” effect to help increase sales

Artificial intelligence

to boost your profit and stay ahead of the competition

Mobile Development Tools


  • Native Tools iOS + Unity3D
  • AR SDK: ARKit, Vuforia, Kudan.


  • 3D-editors: 3DMax, Maya и Unty3D
  • 3D model creation for AR/VR


  • Native Tools Android + Unity3D
  • AR SDK: ARCore, Vuforia, Kudan;
  • VR SDK: Oculus, Google VR, HTC Vive

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