AR+ Photo Album: mobile augmented reality app

AR+ Photo Album: mobile augmented reality app

Client: Strana Znanii

AR+ Photo Album:
mobile augmented reality app

The best moments come to life

Order studio photography and get an album in which each photo comes to life on the smartphone screen

AR+ Photo Album is available on iOS and Android. Point the camera at a photo, and each photo will turn into a video from a wonderful moment of your life, bringing back unforgettable feelings



Develop a convenient service application for mobile device users


Implement monetization through in-app subscription


Raise customer services to the next level and bring them to the consumer market

Instructions will help

AR+ Photo Album is suitable for people of all ages and different smartphone skills. There are hints on the interface and a video tutorial that can be watched at any time.

Memories come to life

The AR+ Photo Album app — is a better addition to your photo album. Relive pleasant memories, return to them at any time

You just need to download AR+ Photo Album in your store, point the camera at the photo and enjoy emotions


The user has a monthly and annual subscription, which is automatically renewed, so that the album is available at any time. You can easily switch to another plan and cancel auto-renewal

Fonts and colors

AR (Augmented Reality)