Touchscreen application "Sources of energy" for ROSATOM

Touchscreen application "Sources of energy" for ROSATOM

Client: «Rusatom Overseas», Subsidiary of state-owned corporation «Rosatom»

Touchscreen application Sources of energy for ROSATOM
Touchscreen application
"Sources of energy"
Application task

Visual demonstration of the composition and functional applications of the Centers for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST), including in the framework of congress and exhibition events; formation of an idea about the integrated proposal of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom for CNST as a complex product with solutions and services from the Russian nuclear industry.

Solution —
3D configurator

Using a 3D configurator, you can design the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST) in 3 steps according to your needs:

Country selectionCountry selection
Landscape selectionLandscape selection
Selection of application areasSelection of application areas

The result is the final configuration of the CNST in the form of a 3D scene, which reflects the results of passing all the steps: the configuration of the center appears on the screen in the right landscape with the number of objects chosen depending on the right application area. The final configuration depends on the user's choice.

You can cancel the current selection and configure the 3D scene with new parameters.

At the end of the work, the user can print the result of the configuration — 3D-visualization of the CNST with the designation of each building, a description of the center, all its components and application area.

Photo report from the International Forum "ATOMEXPO 2017"

Earlier, we prepared an interactive project for ATOMEXPO about energy generation sources and the benefits of nuclear energy.

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