“Antey” delivery service website

“Antey” delivery service website

Client: Antey Delivery Service

“Antey” delivery service website
“Antey” delivery service website
“Antey” delivery service is one of the leading players in the market of ready-made food, products and goods delivery in Krasnodar and is a part of the "ANTEY GROUP" holding. Antey has more than two hundred partners and a wide coverage of delivery services, from pizza and rolls to flowers, gifts and various goods.
The issue
A large selection of suppliers and services caused inconvenience when the previous search tools were insufficient for the customer to conveniently make a purchasing decision. The shopping cart checkout process became too complicated and no longer properly reflected Antey’s growing functionality.
The task
To give a user the best search, filtering and navigation so that they can quickly find the place they need and go proceed to order. To optimize a shopping cart and checkout process, gently embed the new site logic into the project logic without disrupting the mobile app.
The solution
New home page

We managed to design a clear and light homepage for a multifunctional service.

Here a guest receives top places to order and could:

specify the address, method and time of delivery;

select an offers’ category (ready-made food, products, goods from any stores and pharmacies, flowers and gifts);

specify a subcategory in each category;

apply additional filters.

Shopping cart and order

We took into account all the functional nuances, including the using promo code opportunity, paying with bonuses, displaying the total cost of goods and the amount for free delivery, as well as the ability to add a comment.

It is worth noting the integration of the unique "Free Order" function, when the client expresses his or her wishes, and Antey solves the free-form task.

Our developers have joined the graphical and layout designers of Spider Group. They have integrated a dynamic change of delivery method, time and address, which affects the functionality of Antey systems and should be designed for minimal implementation costs.

New conditions — new backend! Previously, it was optimized for working with a mobile app, and now the interface fully corresponds to the increased capabilities of the service.
In this project, Spider Group has combined business processes, a mobile application and a new website of Antey into a system. The project at the intersection of design, development and business analysis gave guests antei-service.ru convenience in satisfying desires. And this is the most important part of the service sector.
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