Business of Stavropol Mobile Application

Business of Stavropol Mobile Application

Client: Dali.Digital, Advertising Agency


About the Project

The new project of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stavropol Region “Business of Stavropol” brings together the regional business community and provides information on business processes and the situation in the region in a form of a directory.

The Main Objective

We developed a mobile application with an electronic business directory featuring an Augmented Reality module.

There you can see the businesses of the Stavropol Region, detailed information on the economic, geopolitical situation in the region and the current state of the industry.


Augmented Reality

With the Augmented Reality module you are able to go beyond the paper catalog and increase the involvement of the audience.

When pointing the smartphone on the marker in a paper catalog you will see expanded information in video or slide show format.

The application features

The design of the application was done in cooperation with the customer. It is an offline-enabled app with the required connectivity for geolocation and Augmented Reality features.



There are clear instructions inside the app on how to use it quickly and for your own benefit.

AR (Augmented Reality)