Hill Hunter Mobile App with Augmented Reality

Hill Hunter Mobile App with Augmented Reality

Client: HillHunter Start-up

Hill Hunter Mobile App with Augmented Reality

People riding on a mountainside can often lose sight of each other. How to find a skiing partner to make sure he is safe and to re-establish contact with him? In most cases, nobody will hear their phone rings with too many clothes on and skiing equipment.

There are two modes of locating in Hill Hunter - on the terrain map and in the Visual Search Mode with Augmented Reality technology.

With this app you can track the accurate location of your skiing peers on the slope. When in the Visual Search Mode the system will show the location of your fellows even if you cannot observe them on the slope. You will see how far they are and the elevation difference between you and them.

To see your friend’s location, you need to create your own group and invite friends to join it. Users without the app can receive an invitation to join via SMS.

In this release, we have developed a corporate product identity, server software, mobile application for users. Then we plan to add a search for virtual objects and SOS alerting in an emergency situation. The English version is also on the go soon.

Elements of corporate identity

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