FASTcall: app for mutual assistance and conscious consumption development

FASTcall: app for mutual assistance and conscious consumption development

Client: Spider Group, APPS / AI / AR / IOT

FASTcall is an app for mutual assistance and conscious consumption development.

Here people help each other to use things correctly, saving time, money, energy and passing knowledge on.

Asking is faster than searching the Internet and reading instructions. Getting individual advice is better than adapting regular solutions.

How FASTcall works

FASTcall reinforces understanding. An expert immediately sees what his interlocutor sees, and gets immersed more quickly in the case. Augmented reality tools, such as numbered arrows and drawn hints, help explain the problem and solution. They are attached to objects and stay in place, even if you turn or move away.

The high efficiency of solving problems using AR and voice prompts has been repeatedly proven by scientific researches.

Firstly, pull out the dipstick. If the oil level is less than the lower mark, fill it into this manhole from the canister.

To enjoy these benefits, you need to install FASTcall and invite a friend by sending him a link to the app. Phone contacts with FASTcall will receive a special icon.

The usage

Parents and children, engineers, health workers, teachers, drivers — the app is useful for people of all ages and professions.

In our app you can show your child how to use the washing machine.

In the office FASTcall will help the support service quickly advise you about working with various equipment from printers to coffee machines.

In the production department you can ask a mentor, even if he or she left for another facility.


FASTcall works both on iOS and Android smartphones with ARKit and ARCore.

The app functions are based on video communication via the WebRTC protocol.


FASTcall is a part of the FASTEP work optimization and after-sales service platform, a proprietary project of the Spider Group.

While developing the AR video communication solution, we realized that its potential lies far beyond the enterprise cases. Now the advanced augmented reality experience is available to everyone.

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