“Magerya” hormonal health clinic website

“Magerya” hormonal health clinic website

Client: Clinic of hormonal health "Magerya"

The best medical / telemedicine website

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The best medical / telemedicine website

“Magerya” hormonal health clinic website

The Magerya сlinic has combined the best medical practices with modern telemedicine technologies. In helping patients regain health and improve their quality of life, the clinic respects patients' time, physical and emotional comfort by counseling them online.

The clinic's information system includes the website, a patient account in the desktop and app, a doctor's personal account, an admin CRM, and a separate interface for the methodologist, who works with patient documents.

But it is the website that meets customers. It, like the cover of a good book, should give an understanding of the clinic's features and access to its vast possibilities. For instance, here you can learn about areas of work and diagnoses, see the service cost and quickly make an appointment with a specialist.


The personality of the doctor, the specifics of his or her training have a decisive influence on the treatment effectiveness. The careful selection of specialists is built into Magerya's philosophy. The clinic welcomes advanced training and has consultations for a multifaceted evaluation of patients.

The site pays a lot of attention to each employee's presentation. On a special page you can get to know the doctors and their qualifications. Here you can also quickly make an appointment with someone who suits you.

All you need to do is choose a convenient date and time to make an appointment. If all the doctors are busy, you can leave a request so that the administrator won’t forget about you if a window appears in the schedule. In addition, authorized users will have access to online consultations and a chat with a doctor.

Conversation and checkup
Diagnosis plan
Test results
Treatment strategy
Monitoring dynamics

About the clinic

It is important for patients to be cared for by people who share their values. In this page guests will learn all about the principles and philosophy of the clinic, find a photo album with interiors that create wholesome comfort.

In the contacts you can find the company's social networks, set a route and find out the work schedule. Also there are available jobs and legal documents.


The main specialization of the "Magerya" clinic is restoration of hormonal health for successful conception, pregnancy and childbirth. To do this, the team has all the necessary specialists: endocrinologists, gynecologists, urologists, psychologists. In this page you will learn about all areas of their work.

Often the right treatment is a solution to complex issues with several specialists. Problems and solutions are grouped by meaning so that the patient has a complete understanding of the procedures.

Химия Анатомия Психология Понимание Действие

Making an appointment

The appointment form won’t cause any questions. You can leave a phone number on which the administrator will call back and consult, or you can choose a specialist, convenient time and pay the visit immediately. After registering, online consultations are available. You can apply not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones — for example, to make an appointment for a child.

Online appointments and chat consultations are available to every patient of the clinic after the first visit. Convenient mobile application and desktop version of the personal account allows you to stay in touch with the doctor every day. This will come in handy for clarifying the home treatment process and sending the test results.

Development statistics

  • Analytics — 170 hours
  • Design — 426 hours
  • Frontend — 602 hours
  • Backend — 524 hours
  • Content — 70 hours
  • Testing — 342 hours
  • Management — 561 hours


  • Project Manager — 1
  • Business analyst — 1
  • UX/UI designer — 2
  • Backend developer — 2
  • Frontend developer — 2
  • Content manager — 1
  • QA Engineer — 1


  • Django
  • REST framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • Celery
  • NextJs
  • TS
  • Redux
  • Reselect
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