The Clean City Automated Order Management System

The Clean City Automated Order Management System

Client: Clean City, Garbage company

Automated System of Order Management "Clean City"

The "Clean City" company collects and takes out garbage in containers.

The success of this kind of business directly depends on the operational monitoring of the status of orders, optimization of routes and control of execution.

To perform all these tasks effectively, we have developed a system that consists of several parts connected to each other.

1 Web application (SPA)

For operators and logisticians it allows to process incoming orders, to monitor their implementation, to plan logistics.

The operator creates an order through the web interface, the logistician assigns it to the driver, the driver receives the order in the mobile app and begins to fulfill it, and the logistician monitors the implementation of the order – installation or removal of a garbage container, and tracks the movement of the car on the city map.

The result is displayed on the map and allows the logistician to identify problems quickly, adjust the route or replace the driver. The status of all orders are available as a special report.

2 Mobile app for drivers (Android OS)

In the app the driver can see the list of orders and their urgency. When choosing an order, the driver receives a list of required steps. After the completion of all stages the order is completed.

3 Server part

  • System of interaction with DBMS, data and users management
  • Mobile API (the interface of users mobile app and server software)
  • Sending notifications

The web application and the mobile app are closed system, available only to employees of the company.

4 To control orders in the system, several types of notifications are used:

  • Push (collect and store GSM device IDs, send personalized Push notifications about orders)
  • SMS notifications (send personalized SMS notifications about orders)
  • Daily mail notifications with results of work
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