Palitra Wallpaper Factory Mobile App with Augmented Reality

Palitra Wallpaper Factory Mobile App with Augmented Reality

Client: Palitra Wallpaper Factory

Palitra Wallpaper Factory Mobile App with Augmented Reality

There are more than 20 000 items in the catalog. Each product has up to 14 hue options.

The advanced filter helps to sort the textures according to the style, patterns, palette of colors, size, production type, purpose, and other important features.

The product can be searched by item number or using a barcode scanner.

The wallpaper calculator determines the required rolls quantity for each product item.

Product item page with detailed information, photos of selected combinations.

Fitting in your interior

Using a marker placed on the wall, you can try on the preferred wallpaper in your home, pick up the best design and combinations, take photos of a pattern you like better with a list of product items. There is also a full catalog of products with filters.

Interactive room

Interactive room

Select the desired room style and the image of the room appears on the screen with the possibility to change the textures of all walls. Use filters in a catalog of product items for that.

For sales consultants

The store consultants can edit their personal profile information, upload store photos, send messages to the head office in the private part of the app.

Employees can manage catalog settings. They can switch online and offline modes (to download the catalog to the device).

UX, interactive prototype development

UI, design of 65 unique screens

AR (Augmented Reality)