Handmade Calendar with Augmented Reality

Handmade Calendar with Augmented Reality

Client: Spider Group, APPS / AI / AR / IOT

Handmade Calendar with Augmented Reality


The main item of New Year`s gift-pack was a handmade calendar with Augmented Reality.

All our clients in 2011 can make an exciting journey through handmade labyrinths - 12 funny puzzles for 12 months.

The labyrinth is made of simple creative supplies like wires, thread balls, stationery, Lego cubes, multi-colored paper, candies, and other stuff.

Augmented Reality

The main calendar feature is the labyrinth with Augmented Reality. To get into the 3D world, you need to take a calendar page with a special marker, bring it to the webcam and you will get a 3D image of multi-colored cubes or a juicy green apple with a cheerful worm climbing out of it.

Either way, you need to solve the puzzle and to find a way out of the virtual maze.

AR (Augmented Reality)