Franmer Pool Selection Augmented Reality Mobile App

Franmer Pool Selection Augmented Reality Mobile App

Client: Franmer, Composite Pool Manufacturer

Franmer Pool Selection Augmented Reality Mobile App

What is the app for

The app assists customers in choosing a suitable pool model and imagining how the pool looks like in the real-life environment or interior.


Franmer pool models are presented in the mobile app.You can easily experiment with the app by choosing various pool colors, bowl shapes and placing realistic 3D models of them in the living surroundings (indoor or outdoor).

The swimming pool sizes correspond accurately to the sizes of real objects. You will not make a mistake when choosing the right place for the future reservoir.

Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality technology you view selected 3D pool models in the real landscape or interior space and make a decision if it is a great fit for it.

How the mobile app works

The app works really simply. It is enough to put the image-marker downloaded from the app on a horizontal surface, select from the catalog the pool model that caught your attention from and point the phone camera at the marker. A 3D model of the preferred pool in full size will be displayed on the screen.

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AR (Augmented Reality)