StillHot Delivery Service Mobile App

StillHot Delivery Service Mobile App

Client: Stillhot, Delivery Service

StillHot Delivery Service
Mobile App

How the App Works

The service works directly with restaurants, stores,
flowers and goods for children shops to provide fast delivery of the purchased items.


We had to redevelop the app after the previous team failed to complete it. The design was provided by the customer.

The App Functions

You can make a choice from a restaurant menu or products from a handy catalog, place an order and make a payment online.

Payment Order

For billing purposes, you can save your bank card details and a delivery address for future service.

Shopping cart

The placed order will be quickly processed by the app service system and sent directly to the restaurant. You will receive a phone call from the vendor to confirm your order and then proceed with a delivery to your address.

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