CL Expert. Mobile App for Physicians

CL Expert. Mobile App for Physicians

Client: CL, Medical Laboratories Chain

CityLab Expert. Mobile App for Physicians

The application is a handy tool for physicians. They can make requests for health check-ups and tests for the patient`s screening.

For Patients

The patient doesn’t need a doctor`s note and to fill out the relevant forms. He provides a code from an SMS message and the staff will find your request right away with printing the filled-out forms.

The patient can easily choose any available health tests, check their costs and add to request for a medical check-up.

For Physicians

To simplify the physician's work, the app allows them to copy requests and create a list of selected tests. The physician will be notified of his patient`s health screening status.

Helpful Information

The app has complete information on all health tests available in the CityLab laboratories, locations where you can pass sampling procedures and opening hours.

Upgrading & development

The customer provided us with an already-made app. We completed the development process:
  • We substituted completely an administration system;

  • We added notification functionality for the physicians, simplified the registration and authorization processes in the app.

  • We made an adjustment to the app design, improved the interface to look convenient and concise.

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