Gritsy: a mobile social network for athletes

Gritsy: a mobile social network for athletes

Client: Gritsy OÜ

Spider Group has developed the MVP of Gritsy social network for athletes and coaches.

Gritsy — is the:

  • healthy lifestyle startup
  • mobile app for the US, Canada and Western Europe
  • all social networking features, including communication and content sharing
  • joint physical training
  • competing with friends as personal motivation
  • resume posting and job searching by athletes

T h e c h a l l e n g e

The Spider Group team has been given an fascinating task – to create a social network in six months from the stage of writing the technical specifications. In other words, from scratch.

The implementation of the project started with an in-depth business analysis, which included the concept analysis, market research, customer development, customer journey map, structured formulation of customer requirements in accordance with the technical realities and financial capabilities.

A u t h o r i z a t i o n

You can sign up by email, Apple ID or Facebook account. When signing in you need a username and password combination.The password can be restored by sending a numeric code to the email address entered by the user.

The first time Gritsy asks for a minimal personal information set. Then each user is free to fill out a profile in full detail in order to communicate effectively with the community.

P r o f i l e

Gritsy opens its capabilities to users as their accounts develop. To do this, the app awards Grit points for certain actions. It’s about a healthy lifestyle, so points are awarded not only for socializing or publishing, but also for physical activity – through integration with Apple Health.

Points are awarded in the quickest way if the user develops organically, combining in-app communication and physical exercises. You can show or hide savings from other people.

Gritsy Profile created especially for athletes. In addition to the usual data such as name, photo and description, it’s available to enter sports interests, countries of residence and activity, the official sport player number and other information that emphasizes sports activities, as well as receive awards for participation and wins in challenges and competitions with colleagues in the social network.


Users' postings can contain text, images, and video. The app's MVP already includes basic functions for recording and editing multimedia content, such as uploading from the gallery, switching between the rear and front cameras, enabling and disabling the flash, and cropping videos.

News Feed

Sign up for talented athletes and friends, so your feed will be filled with interesting posts. Like and comment on posts, share the best with your friends and followers. Promote others and tell about yourself.

Each publication will have brief information about the author, time and place of publication. The user is greeted by colorful photos and videos, and there is an option to view all the posts or their individual types, like challenges.


This is one of the main features of Gritsy. Users challenge everyone, connecting the excitement of competition to the activity.

The essence of a challenge is that you are asked to repeat a certain achievement. Challenges have a start date and an activity period. They are searchable, and each has its own video gallery of challenge responses. It's always fun to see how others do!

Development features

  • Creation of a social network by a small team in a short time
  • Close work with the customer, who is far from mobile development
  • Preliminary preparation: analytics, marketing, technical specifications
  • Assisting in the presentation to partners and investors
  • Conscious simplification of the first stage to the MVP framework
  • Three versions of the design before production
  • Incorporating significant scalability
  • Planning for future work

P l a n s

  • Gritsy has a lot of development ahead of it.
  • The app will include opportunities to post CV and vacancies for athletes to help employ professionals who are not pursuing public careers
  • Coaches will be able to sell authoring courses
  • Challenges will be joined by duels and battles – single and team competitions with Apple Health support
  • Augmented reality and machine vision integration expected
  • Follow the project in the Spider Group portfolio, it will be exciting!

Development statistics

  • Business analytics — 200 hours
  • Design — 300 hours
  • iOS — 1100 hours
  • Web — 40 hours
  • Backend — 600 hours
  • Testing — 400 hours
  • Management — 800 hours
  • Implementation took one year

The team

  • Analyst — 1
  • Project manager — 1
  • Designers — 2
  • iOS developers — 3
  • Web developer — 1
  • QA engineers — 2
  • Backend developers — 2





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