5th December 2019 in 16:59

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Recent studies show that the popularity of mobile Internet is growing rapidly: the share of mobile users in the audience of sites has grown 1.5 times since 2014.

According to a new study by Yandex, over the past year, the growth rate of Internet audience is slowing down: the number of those who use the network grew by 9%. At the same time, the share of visits to sites from smartphones and tablets has increased significantly.

Compared to 2014, it has grown one and a half times and amounts to 23%. By the end of 2014, 68% of users went to the network from mobile devices – every second city dweller.

According to J’son & Partners Consulting, the time spent on the mobile Internet has significantly increased: if in 2012 the user spent an average of 74 minutes a day surfing the Internet, then in 2014 it was already 109 minutes a day.

More than 50% of gadget owners go online at least once a day and launch video applications and play mobile games every day. The number of applications that people use on their devices is approximately the same in all major cities: an average of five or six per day.

Although a mobile device cannot completely replace a personal computer, there is a tendency to abandon PCs and laptops in favor of smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

A study by J’son & Partners Consulting noted that 40% of mobile Internet users would rather lose a TV than a smartphone. Search, navigation, the use of social networks and shopping are gradually moving into mobile space. According to Data Insight, over the past year, every second user has made at least one payment using a smartphone or tablet.

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