17th December 2019 in 16:49

The presentation at the Museum in the 21st Century conference, the topic of augmented reality is of great interest. We have prepared an article on the use of augmented reality in museum business. We present you the full text of the article.

Museums around the world are exploring the possibilities of new interactive technologies to attract visitors and increase their engagement. The modern IT technology market offers a variety of innovative solutions for museums: holographic screens and pyramids, virtual guides, touch kiosks, interactive stands and books. Augmented reality occupies a special place among them. The technology opens up unprecedented opportunities to reconstruct any environment, build a breathtaking visual range, and actively engage the viewer in communicating with the museum.


5th December 2019 in 16:59

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Recent studies show that the popularity of mobile Internet is growing rapidly: the share of mobile users in the audience of sites has grown 1.5 times since 2014.

According to a new study by Yandex, over the past year, the growth rate of Internet audience is slowing down: the number of those who use the network grew by 9%. At the same time, the share of visits to sites from smartphones and tablets has increased significantly.

Compared to 2014, it has grown one and a half times and amounts to 23%. By the end of 2014, 68% of users went to the network from mobile devices – every second city dweller.


1st December 2019 in 15:57

More and more people prefer smartphones to computers, and 19% of users access the network from mobile devices alone. In Google search this year, the proportion of mobile queries reached 60%. In addition, it became known that Google will encourage mobile-friendly sites, increasing its ranking in search results on smartphones. In these conditions, for many, the question arises of the need to create a high-quality mobile site. Google conducted a study and found out the level of conversions for mobile and non-mobile sites, as well as the dependence of conversions on various factors. And it provided recommendations on how to avoid common mistakes when developing a mobile site. A joint study by Google and Calltouch analyzed 1,500 sites in 20 business sectors. The convenience of sites for mobile users was determined using the Mobile-friendliness test, which monitors how well the site displays on mobile devices (various characteristics are checked, such as font size, the proximity of elements, etc.). In addition, a test was conducted for errors in the field of convenience and speed of sites. As a result of the analysis, we studied the distribution of conversions on business-oriented sites and their dependence on the quality of the company’s mobile site.


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