1st December 2019 in 15:57

More and more people prefer smartphones to computers, and 19% of users access the network from mobile devices alone. In Google search this year, the proportion of mobile queries reached 60%. In addition, it became known that Google will encourage mobile-friendly sites, increasing its ranking in search results on smartphones. In these conditions, for many, the question arises of the need to create a high-quality mobile site. Google conducted a study and found out the level of conversions for mobile and non-mobile sites, as well as the dependence of conversions on various factors. And it provided recommendations on how to avoid common mistakes when developing a mobile site. A joint study by Google and Calltouch analyzed 1,500 sites in 20 business sectors. The convenience of sites for mobile users was determined using the Mobile-friendliness test, which monitors how well the site displays on mobile devices (various characteristics are checked, such as font size, the proximity of elements, etc.). In addition, a test was conducted for errors in the field of convenience and speed of sites. As a result of the analysis, we studied the distribution of conversions on business-oriented sites and their dependence on the quality of the company’s mobile site.


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